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a revelation Mar. 14th, 2006 @ 06:49 am
it's 6:30 am on a tuesday morning. i'm awake. i have class in 3 hours. and i'm up because i'm trying to get my sleeping schedule back on track after a spring break week of going to sleep at 5 am. i'm doing the old "stay awake for 36 hours so that when the night of the second day comes, im actually tired at the right time" trick.

anyway, so i'm sitting here and i had a revelation. this is crap. why do i do this? why do i put everything off to the last minute? i have projects due this week, physics homework due in 4 hours that's still not done and i had the last three days to get it finished.

it seems like everything is coming at me too fast and even though i know i can manage it, for some reason i choose not to. i need to learn some self discipline. it's time for some will power. so, back to the revelation. think of it as a late new year's resolution.

1. i will not sleep for more than 9 hours a night. on any given night.
2. the amount of time spent on tv, movies, etc in any day will not surpass the amount of time spent on things that will actually be useful to me.
3. i'm in school to learn and even though i haven't learned much over the last 4 years, i might as well finish strong and this physics class looks like it's about to teach me something interesting. so i might as well pay more attention - i'm in class anyway - cell phone games can wait.

so there we go, the earlier new year's resolutions were all for my physical well-being. it's time to get to the mental ones.

for those who are wondering about my other new year's resolutions, i am currently at 145 pounds, i've been doing yoga and pullups and little things like that. some of my shirts are now small on me, however, a few of those are actually small around the biceps. the rest are small not because of the fat i gained earlier but because of the six pack which i turned it into. and although i'm not exactly will smith and you wouldn't use me as a washboard, i feel like my stomach could definately be one of those massaging car seats with the wooden balls. check back around may and i'll give you the washboard update.

and now, it's 6:45 and if i don't finish this phyics hw, i will be very angry with myself so... wish me luck - tonight will be the first of many 9 hour sleeps.

(ps, the current song... i'm sure most of you have heard it and i'm sure most of you can't think of it right now but get it and listen to it. it's very uplifting)
Mood: awake
Muzak: Jessica Andrews - Who I Am

ignition Feb. 21st, 2006 @ 10:39 pm
this deserves an entry.

last night i was making stir fry. the last step was "continue to simmer on low heat" which i did for several minutes and then took the skillet off the fire, emptied it into my plate, went back to the bedroom and ate my delicious dinner. take note of what i didn't do because this will become important later.

i ate dinner, did some work and went to sleep around 5 am.

i woke up at 9:30, got dressed, went to class.

i came back from class around 2 pm, opened the door, walked in and thought to myself, "self, what is that smell? oh shit that smells like gas... a lot!" now i consider myself to be pretty adventurous, but i've seen enough movies to know that you don't fuck around with a room full of propane. i carefully tiptoed to the window (which was thankfully open), making sure not to touch anything that could possibly be statically charged then i held my fan that was next to the window as close to fresh air as i could, crossed my fingers and turned it on. thankfully, there was no boom. i turned the fan to face outward, tiptoed out of the apartment, locked the door, and ran like a little girl.

i went to wendy's - it's far enough that broken glass wouldnt hurt me as my windows shatter and close enough to hear sirens - i felt it was a good choice.

i came back an hour later and cracked the door open just a little to see if it still smelled. it did, but not as much. this time i tiptoed with more gusto and got up the nerve to lean over the potentially statically charged couch and open the rest of the windows. i did so, again with no boom, tiptoed back out of my apartment (still with gusto), locked the door, and skipped away - this time more like little red riding hood. the balance was almost restored.

i just came back to my apartment. this time i opened the door like the man that i am. the apartment was gas-free, albeit 20 degrees with the windchill. now im sitting here writing this entry with my heater on full and my temperature almost restored to the perpetual sauna that is...

Chez Igor
Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Muzak: New Order - Turn

don't mess Dec. 29th, 2005 @ 06:27 pm
this is just a little notice to all of you. you mess with me and you're gonna die. just like pablo did.

now i'm going to eat a lemon to celebrate.

ps, watch the video to the song below - it's very funny.
Mood: accomplished
Muzak: Korn - Twisted Transistor

to guys Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 08:34 pm
so here is what girls look for in guys. well, i can't generalize like that so actually, here is what one crazy girl looks for in guys... (and by crazy, i mean awesome - please don't kill me). i'll keep this anonymous.

question: what do you look for in guys?
and i hate saying he HAS to....because for the right person, you're always willing to negotiate
but, i have a hard time seeing myself with someone who isn't outgoing or a risk taker for example
and i'm usually drawn to charismatic people who are pretty gregarious
and, yes, i've been known to be with international men
and i mean it's important that they're passionate about travel, foreign languages and culture, and the arts
or can at least, be open to those things, because those are really important to me
so clearly i'm attracted to other ppl with those shared interests
but in the end, i just want to be with someone who values me and makes me laugh
oh! and challenges me and makes me a better person when i'm with them
and that's my best friend

... well said :)
Mood: gregarious
Muzak: yellowcard - lights and sounds

i'm fat Nov. 30th, 2005 @ 01:24 am
i gained 16 pounds in the last month and a half. what gives? i'm sure some of it is muscle, but still. i am currently at 141 and am slowly losing whatever hint of a six pack i had left from my diving days.

early new years resolution - get back 6 pack, convert whatever weight i gained into muscle.

as such, i will be very sore over the next couple of weeks. please handle with care.
Mood: hungryhungry
Muzak: Fallout Boy - Dance, Dance

hot diggidy Sep. 26th, 2005 @ 06:53 am
it's done. about 5.5 miles.
here are the results:

1. i am not in the shape that i used to be.
2. i am not in the shape that i would like to be.
3. however, i got my first cramp at about 4.5 miles
4. so i am in better shape than i thought.

and with that - fuck you pablo. you're going down.
Mood: accomplished
Muzak: Queen - We Are The Champions

holy crap Sep. 26th, 2005 @ 05:22 am
i feel like this deserves an entry.

it's 5:30 am. it's 65 degrees outside. and i'm about to go on a 5 mile run.
keep in mind that i have never run more than 2 miles in one go.
i have never worked out in a gym.
i don't own running shoes.
and i didn't sleep tonight.

for all those who couldn't decide whether i'm crazy or not, now you know.
Mood: crazycrazy
Muzak: The Sun - Lost At Home

dang Aug. 5th, 2005 @ 12:26 am
so when i posted the other day, a bunch of people got excited and told me to keep posting. i never knew i was that liked. so for the benefit of everyone, but especially ashley because i promised to dedicate this post to her... here's some stuff.

school related:
i got a 99 on my astronomy midterm because i forgot to put down units for wavelength. i haven't been to astronomy in close to two weeks except to pick up the midterm.
in information retrieval class, we handed in a project on wed which i rocked hardcore in c#. bow down to my awesome programming prowess. the next one is due on tuesday but it's so easy, i almost don't want to do it.

work related:
go to www.mstyle.com and buy a ringtone. then tell me how awesome i am. or, go to www.roamdrive.com and download it so you can use your gmail as a hard drive.

family related:
my sis just turned 17. i got her a greek statue for her birthday. that's right folks, a greek statue.

fun related:
i'm going to canobie lake on saturday. i just bought a camera (dimage x60). i'm moving into my new apt on aug 16th (come visit me at 114 norway st - near woody's). tomorrow, my friend demet and my roommate jon are having a tennis showdown. a lot is riding on this. 8 pm at the carter field tennis courts. there will be bloodshed.

girl related:
i have no idea what's going on. apprently, i'm liked. also, i talked to sugar heaven girl. she does go to northeastern! her name is sandi [fagina].

i'm sucking on a squeeze pop.

more to come soon... and now for the song of the day...
Mood: creative
Muzak: rihanna - pon de replay

damn Jul. 23rd, 2005 @ 04:53 pm
this may or may not be a start of another spurt of entries that will last a week or two, but i was just reading some of my past entries (specifically the quiz a little down below) and damn.. i found a couple of stupid spelling mistakes. i can't believe i spelled angelically wrong. anyway, maybe i was drunk. now then, frisbee time
Mood: happyhappy
Muzak: Madonna - True Blue

real jews Jan. 24th, 2005 @ 01:33 am
tonight, we celebrated the snow day tomorrow by buying three bottles of manichevitz and watching newsies. awesome. also, i might be getting a roommate. more on that later.
Mood: tired
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